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Award Nominations

From time to time, we need your help with nominations for awards to be presented at our banquet. Sometimes we find ourselves sitting at the banquet thinking, "Why has no one nominated John Doe? He does a lot of work and volunteers for everything that has to do with our little ambulance service, or our ambulance crew (s) that had a extreme run last year!" Well it's all up to each one of us to submit our story and nominate someone, a crew, or a station.

We call upon our membership for any nomination submissions for our upcoming awards banquet. All categories are still open and nominations are always welcome.

Please e-mail us your submission to board@uaemt.net

Award Categories

The categories for nominations are as follows:

John Henrie – This award is given to an EMT of any level who has provided outstanding service. The nominee should be a shining example of the EMT’s finest tradition.

Medical Professional of the Year – Is given to an individual whose performance goes above and beyond  to assist EMT’s in any way possible including: Equipment, Support, Training, or playing a vital role in helping EMT’s of all levels function at their highest capacity.  

Friends of EMS – This award is given to any and all who have played a critical role in EMS support and have donated time and /or money to the betterment of the Emergency Medical Services profession as a whole. The nominee(s) do not need to be affiliated with EMS.

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